Published 30th May 2018

We were contacted earlier this month by Suzanne Thorneycroft who, along with her family, live at High Coppice Farm.
Suzanne sent through the following message:-

“… we have discovered some very old writing dating back to early 1900’s on the wall of the top floor of the very nearly dilapidated granary and I fear that in time this beautiful writing (including a heart-wrenching love poem) will be lost. So, very carefully, we have been up there (it’s not entirely safe…16th-century floorboards…) and photographed the writing as best we could, some of it is really barely legible, but it’s incredibly moving, telling of what months and years crops were sown and harvested and as I have mentioned, the beautiful poem, which I am slowly deciphering as it is quite faded in areas. I would love to share these with you if you would be interested? At least then the beauty of those moments, could be documented and immortalized as they so deserve to be.”

Suzanne’s interpretation of the poem is as follows:-

“When you and I my love shall part
Shall it leave a sting inside our hearts
I to some distant land shall go
Sleep [missing words] any others do
All this I’ve said, have more to say
[missing word] calls me now I cannot stay
With meditation read [missing word] lines
You may inside a question find
My question is please find out
Love is a truth without a doubt”

Underneath the poem there is another line which reads:

“There is joy in every [missing word] when there is love at home”

Also, there are some names which look like ‘Maud, James or Jamieson’.

If you have any more further information please get in touch.

Thank you to Suzanne and her husband for sharing this.